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The following is a brief description of the classes we offer.

Beginning 1,2 and 3 (B/T/J/A) 

This class offers 3-6 year olds an introduction to ballet/tap/jazz and acrobatics as well as class structure. Body coordination, memory skills, independence and teamwork skills are developed. 1st year class is ages 3-4, 2nd year is ages 4-5, 3rd year class is ages 5-6.

Intermediate 3 Tap-Jazz 

Students in these classes have had a number of years training, and are rapidly building upon their skills. Ballet is required at this level. Acrobatics is recommended. Teacher placement is required.

Intermediate 1 (B/T/J) 

Students in these classes are school age and have previously had an introduction to dance. More complex tap and jazz skills are developed as well as ballet technique. Acrobatics is recommended.

Intermediate 2 Tap-Jazz 

This class is for the elementary age student with a minimum of 3 years dance experience wanting to further these skills. Ballet is required & acrobatics is recommended.

Adv 1,2,3,&4 Tap-Jazz 

These levels of instruction further the skills of the dancer in training. Material and combinations are complex and continue to challenge the student to develop in technique and performance. Ballet required. Acrobatics recommended.

Teen Tap and Jazz 

These classes are for teen students who wish to learn tap and jazz skills in a fun and social setting. Speed and technique are developed through the course of the year.

Acrobatics (All Levels) 

These classes develop acrobatic tumbling skills with everyone working at their own level. Flexibility and upper body strength are by-products of these classes. Open to all students. Teacher placement required.

Hip Hop (All Levels) 

These classes are for students interested in learning the fast paced, high energy, music video styles of dance. Teacher placement required.

Lyrical Classes 

These classes are for students currently studying Ballet/Jazz and Acrobatics. This class is intended to further develop the lyrical style. Teacher placement required.

All Ballet Technique 

These age appropriate classes offer our jazz dancers the barre technique and floor skills they need in order to complete complex jazz combinations. This class has no performance or costume requirements. Great makeup opportunity!

Ballet I 

This class is designed to develop ballet skills in the beginning dancer.



Ballet II and III 

These classes are for the young dancer who have been previously exposed to ballet technique. They will grow in knowledge and strength this year.

Ballet IV 

This class offers our dancers advanced classical training & technique. Teacher placement required.

Pre Pointe, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Pointe 

These classes are designed to take the beginning pointe dancer from the most basic skills through a curriculum that builds strength, technique and poise. Teacher placement required.


This class is geared to the advanced dancer who already has a strong technical background. The classic form and style of modern will be developed and strengthened.

Competition Classes 

These classes are designed for the students who will be attending competitions. They will learn and work on perfecting the material taught.

Musical Theatre (MT) 

Our MT classes will be performing a number of selections from 1 chosen musical. Emphasis is placed on singing, dancing, and drama.

Leaps and Turns 

This class is for the advanced dancer and will focus on the technique and advancement of various leap and turn combinations

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